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Our aim is to build students up biblically and practically so that they can act upon God’s call to impact their world for Christ.

Our y o ü t h nights are discipleship focused and occur on Wednesday evenings for both middle and high school students. Our services are geared toward experiencing God by building a biblical foundation. At every service experience we seek to provide an opportunity for students to build relationships with others, to encounter God in worship, and to be transformed by the truth of His word. There is no better interruption to the weekly grind than being in God's presence, with God's people, and we'd love to see every student from sixth to grade twelve on Wednesday night!


Outreach is central to the Christian life. As a result, each semester (spring/fall) we want to partner with a local outreach initiative to impact our community. We believe that God is sovereign and plants us in the place where he longs to use us. Raleigh is where we have been planted, so it is our responsibility to reach Raleigh. Let's do this!

While we love our community and have a heart for it, we believe that when the Word of God says, "uttermost parts of the Earth", it means it.

 Every year, we host a y o ü t h centered trip for high school aged students that focus on reaching our world by leaving our boarders and seeking the lost. Partnering with missionaries who are already established, supporting the work that they are doing in their global community, y o ü t h has the opportunity to come in contact with people that we'd never meet otherwise, and see the power of the gospel firsthand as it reaches the nations. How far can the gospel take you? Come find out.


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North Raleigh

Jan-Mar: Wednesdays @ 7PM
May-July: Wednesdays @ 7PM
Sept-Nov: Wednesdays @ 7PM

Yonkers Road

Jan-Mar: Wednesdays @ 7PM
May-July: Wednesdays @ 7PM
Sept-Nov: Wednesdays @ 7PM


It's more than a Sunday thing!

monday morning prayer

We use this as an opportunity to seek God and pray for the ministry that he has given us. In y o ü t h, we have a saying: "It isn't service until there is sacrifice." This means that in ministry there will be a sacrifice of time, energy, preferences, self, and much more. This is why we join together in God's presence at 4:30 am every Monday, putting that ministerial sacrifice into practice and we want you to join us! Come soak in the presence of the Lord alongside our Cross Assembly y o ü t h community at our Yonkers Road campus (located in the y o ü t h sanctuary).

p ü s h

Every Tuesday 4pm-5pm in the y o ü t h s p a c e we challenge each other to try new tricks and apply biblical truth in our lives through scripture! This is a skateboarding group for students in y o ü t h to skate and hangout! Bring your helmet, bible, and notebooks and we'll see you at at the next p ü s h!!

y o ü t h  n i g h t s

We are so stoked for what God is going to do in this ministry!! You don't want to miss our midweek hang as we gather together in God's presence! This semester we're so excited to welcome rising 6th graders to the family!! We will be having the same service at both locations featuring incredible worship and expository preaching. No matter the campus, it's the same experience because we're all in this TOGETHER!
üplink is designed to bridge that gap between elementary and middle school to help ease the mystery of what youth is. Currently this ministry is happening at our Yonkers Road campus on Sunday mornings at 9and 11am.

If you have questions or want more information on how your rising 6th grader can get plugged in on a Sunday morning email [email protected].


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Yonkers Road


Youth Pastor

Austin Jarvis

Youth Administrator

North Raleigh Campus

Andre Dawson

Youth Pastor

Benson Campus

benjamin Harvey

Youth Pastor


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