Get equipped to be the Watchman
God has called you to be.

Friday & Saturday

September 15-16

2660 Yonkers Road, Raleigh, NC 27604


FRIDAY, September 15
6:00 PM Doors Open, Ticket Sales, Childcare Dropoff
6:30 PM Check in & Light Refreshments
7:00 PM Conference Start
8:15 PM Fire, Food & Fellowship, Vendor Hall Opens
9:30 PM Childcare Pickup
10:30 PM Doors Close

SATURDAY, September 16
8:00 AM Doors Open, Childcare Dropoff, Continental Breakfast, Vendor Hall Opens
9:30 AM Conference Start
11:00 AM Breakout Sessions I
12:15 PM Grab & Go Lunch
12:30 PM Breakout Sessions II
2:30 PM Conference Close
3:00 PM Childcare Pickup, Doors Close

Breakout Sessions:

Ending the Battle
Fred Stoeker, Best-Selling Author, "Every Man" series

As Christians, we all must fight the battle for sexual purity. Each of us can win and end that battle for good, but few of us do so because few of us are aware of the Stealth Trap, the second key vulnerability in male sexuality (after the eyes) and the one key vulnerability in female sexuality that sets them up for porn addiction, as well. How do you escape this Stealth Trap? You must recognize the trap for what it is, you must deal with your misgivings about your own manhood, and you must push past the outer threshold of the Christian life and build a soul that can support a life of purity for the rest of your days by establishing genuine intimacy with God. If you don’t do this, you won’t win the battle. This will negatively impact your destiny as an individual, but it will also dilute the destiny of your family and even destroy the destiny of your local church.  

ENGAGE: How to Address Conflict Successfully
Dr. Chad Slotta, Author, "Engage"

As husbands, fathers, and leaders in our communities and workplaces, we will encounter interpersonal conflict. Most of us have received little or no formal conflict engagement training. Whereas untrained leaders who avoid conflict or handle it poorly are likely to encounter and endure the negative consequences of destructive conflict, those who develop relative mastery of biblical conflict engagement skills effectively leverage the positive potential of constructive conflict and advance God’s Kingdom. I studied lessons that the Bible teaches regarding conflict and conducted an extensive review of business-related, church-related, and scholarly literature written on this crucial topic. Informed by my biblical study, literature review, and church network survey results, I designed a conflict engagement training program to help leaders and teams address conflict more successfully.

The Command to be Spiritually and Physically Healthy
Dr. Greg Bannon, Physician & Author

God makes in it clear that In order for us to fulfill our divine destiny, we must be spiritually and physically healthy. Too many times, Christian men fall for the lie that their struggles with depression, lethargy, and anxiety are strictly spiritual attacks, when in reality some of these problems could be resolved by taking care of themselves physically. This session will discuss the science and spiritual connections to our physical health and what you can do to restore/maintain your body as the temple of the Holy Spirit it is intended to be.

Better Husband/Better Dad
Jim Kelly, Church Planting & Revitalization Director, NCAG

In a day when the family structure is being torn at the seams, God's word remains the same; and the role of husband and dad is clearly market out. This session will share proven principles that have stood dt the test of time, as well as personal stories for the speaker's own life to encourage and equip every man.  

Intimacy with God as a Man
Pepper Elliot, Youth Pastor, Cross Assembly

Being a man and being called the Bride of Christ is a bizarre thing from a gender appropriate mindset (something that the modern age clearly doesn’t understand). Often, we see that women have a more intimate relationship with the Lord, while men struggle just to make sense of it. This struggle has a profound effect on our ability to worship, pray, and share Christ with others. Yet we see in the Bible, the same man who cuts off the head of a giant, lives in intimacy with God. We see the same man who survives a shipwreck, only to be bitten by a venomous snake, which he shakes into the fire, live in intimacy with God. We see the man who was persecuted and refused to die, giving reference to the end of days, living in intimacy with God. These men were undeniably men among men, and yet understood the secret of our relationship with him.  

The Power of Servant Leadership + Leading with Purpose
Mihali Stavlas, CEO, Mellōnaid Agency and Co-Founder, EPIC at Work

You might wonder whether the “feel-good” principles of servant leadership hold up in high-pressure, performance-driven sales and marketing organizations. Not only do they hold up, but the attributes of servant leaders are also more relevant than ever for marketers who are leading teams or navigating their career paths through rapid change. In this talk, we’ll explore servant leadership’s hidden but powerful, research-proven impact and how it can position marketers and sales professionals for success.

Global Missions - Mandate or Optional?
Bob Stock, Chair of Missions Committee, Cross Assembly
Billy Melanson, Live Dead International Missionary

Is it enough to raise a family, attend and serve in church, evangelize, and serve on occasion in your neighborhood and community?  Or has God called all of us who follow Him to reach out to the unreached who do not have as much, if any, access to the gospel?  Do you care that so many people in the world don't have an adequate access to the gospel like we do?  Many of the people in the 10/40 window, for example, have never met a Christian nor heard the name of Jesus, except maybe as a prophet or teacher; certainly not as Savior and Lord.  Should you care?  Are you spending quality time with Jesus to ascertain answers to this dilemma? Find out some of the issues to ponder and what, if anything, to do about them.

Lifelong Learning
Dr. Mark Jones, Finance & HR Pastor, Cross Assembly

As believers we are called to grow in our walk with the Lord. Staying effective as leaders also requires us to continue to learn. The pace of change in our world requires us to continue to learn and grow to be the most effective in our areas of responsibility. This breakout session will discuss ways we can stay engaged as lifelong learners. Three takeaways will be recommended resources, opportunities for learning through the School of Ministry, and the importance of mentors.


Will childcare be available?
Yes! Childcare will be available for children 12 & under at the time of the event. There will be a $5 charge per child for the event available for purchase with your ticket or at the event.

Is food included in the ticket price?
Yes! We firmly believe you can’t have a good time without good food. Heavy hord'oeuvres will be served Friday Night, a light, continental breakfast for Saturday morning, and a pre selected boxed meal for Saturday lunch. Please let us know if you have dietary restrictions at the time of your ticket price.

When do the Early Bird ticket prices end?
Early Bird prices end on July 31st, 2023.

Can I get a refund for my ticket if I can no longer attend?
Yes! You can get a full ticket refund for any cancelations up to 30 days prior to the event start.

Can I reserve a vendor space in the exhibit hall?
Yes! You can start the Vendor Approval process here You will receive a future email informing if your application has been accepted and next steps.

Will the conference be canceled due to weather?
No! The event is planned for rain or shine.

Will the conference be available online?
No! The event will only be a live event for 2023.