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Thailand - FAQ

What is the cost of the trip, and what is included?
The trip costs $3000 and includes airfare, ground transportation, food, accommodations, international emergency/medical insurance, and all activities.  The cost does NOT include passport fees, immunization costs, food at the airport, and personal purchases for or on the trip.  You will also take an online security course for $30 (per family).  That cost is not included in the trip.

A $200, nonrefundable trip deposit is due by the first team meeting.  Additional payment deadlines will be communicated to team members by the team leader.

Are payments and contributions tax deductible?
Yes, an end-of-year contribution receipt will be provided from Cross Assembly.

Are contributions refundable?
Please note that contributions (including the trip deposit) are nonrefundable and nontransferable.  In the case of trip cancellation, monies will be given to other missions endeavors through Cross Assembly.  Excess monies raised will be used for team purchases, missionary needs, or general missions endeavors through Cross Assembly.
How can contributions be made?
If writing a check, checks should be made payable to Cross Assembly.  Per IRS regulations, team member names should NOT be written on the memo line.  If at all possible, please include a payment coupon (given to team members at the first team meeting) with all check payments.  Checks and cash may also be placed in a Cross Assembly giving envelope with the team member’s name and trip indicated.

Online contributions can be made through a team-specific giving link.  The link will be given to team members for their use and for them to distribute to their donors.

Does Cross Assembly help fund short-term trips?
No, individual team members are responsible to contribute or raise funds for the entirety of their trip budget.  Cross Assembly sends over 150 people a year on short-term trips, so individual funding for team members is not budgeted.  By registering for the trip, an applicant commits to cover his or her expenses for the trip.

Will I need a passport?
YES!  Your passport must be valid for at least six months after the trip’s return date.  A color copy of your passport must be submitted to your team leader or the missions director at the first team meeting.  Complete passport information can be found

If you need to apply for or renew your passport, please consult the trip leader and begin that process as soon as possible.

Are extra immunizations needed for the trip?  
Overall, please consult the CDC website and your physician and make a vaccination decision with which you are comfortable.

For more lesser-known vaccinations, you have options such as Passport Health, Rx Urgent Care, and Wake County Human Services.  A quick Google search may also give other options.  Please note that many vaccinations are not covered by standard health insurance coverage, so please research your insurance coverage, cost, and various providers so you are not caught off-guard.  

What if I’m not a member of Cross Assembly?
If you are over the age of 18 and not a member, please contact the missions department at [email protected].

Can a minor join this team?  
Please consult the missions department at [email protected] for special consideration. A minor must be accompanied by a parent and will require extra notarized paperwork.

What are the physical demands of this trip?
Please remember all international travel is physically demanding, and short-term teams are active every day of the trip.  This trip is particularly demanding as the flights are long and in-country activities include much walking. Team members need to be able to walk approximately five miles daily in hot, tropical temperatures.

How do I apply to join the team?
If you are ready to apply to join this team, please complete Step 3 of the Next Steps process by completing an application at the link below.  The Missions Director and team leader will consider your application, consult your reference, and contact you in a timely manner.  In-person interviews will be conducted in order to approve team members.  If an updated background check is required to complete your application, please respond to the email link that you receive.

Do you have additional questions?
Please email Global Missions at [email protected].

When is the deadline to apply?
The deadline is July 31, 2024.
Questions?  Click here to email the team leader.