"For even the Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve..."
(Mark 10:45)

Serve Teams

We believe that every believer is gifted by God and is called to serve and help others in order to bless God and build up the church. We strongly encourage you to try out some of our different ministries and groups to find the one that you can pour your passion into. No matter your age, gifts or talents, there is a place for you to meet others’ needs in the Cross Assembly community.

Areas of Focus


Be a part of someone’s decision to start their new life in Christ. This team is all about celebration of the purification Christ brings through salvation. We serve as hosts of new lifers on Baptism Sundays; there to guide and encourage church family members through the process of baptism. Here you can be one of the firsts to congratulate someone on making the most important declaration of their lives. This is a community that loves building the kingdom of God and cheers on the victories of their fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.


Calling all coffee lovers and enthusiasts! Here is a prime serve opportunity for you to make all the coffee and artful cappuccinos your heart desires. You can man the cafe and take part in uplifting someone’s mood with a cup of joe and a quick bite. With a fun loving team, you can embark on a journey of cold brews and community, all the while curbing hanger with an upbeat attitude and serving in efforts of global missions fundraising (as a percentage of our proceeds goes to global missions). Serve up coffee for a cause.

cross kidz

Children of all ages are welcome every week at CROSS Kidz ministry, from infants to 5th graders.  We have many gifted teachers who take their time to care for your child and love them unconditionally.  We teach kids to love Christ and to develop a strong foundation of his truth through many different methods, aimed to catch every learning style.


Our media team is a powerhouse behind the scenes of all of our productions, including assisting with: lighting, presentation, photography, video, audio, social media production, and hosting our online community. No degrees necessary here! Our team is full of individuals who vary from amateur to professional. Here, we offer a community that enjoys learning new skills, using their technical passions, and maintaining efficiency and flow of our productions; all to creatively present God’s word to the masses.


Almost every Sunday is someone’s first Sunday at Cross Assembly. Our greeters make the first impression on our newcomers and work hard to create an environment where each and every person that comes to our church feels welcome and comfortable. You can expect to have fun, care for new people, share community with your team, and play a significant role in helping someone have a wonderful experience

next steps

This role is key and necessary in assisting guests with growing beyond an attendee and into a moving part of the vessel that is Cross Assembly. At the Next Steps station, you will dive into heartfelt first impressions and connection with newcomers. You will get to learn their story and share yours. This is a great avenue to engagement with new faces and new believers. You can provide insight to all that Cross Assembly has to offer and point them in the direction of their next moves toward plugging into our church family.


Love structure and order? This is the serve team for you! Here you are in charge of getting people to exactly where they need to go. You rein in the chaos that would be traffic jams and disgruntled guests and turn it into a well oiled machine; leading traffic and being the first smiling faces that our church family sees on Sunday mornings. In many ways you set the tone of how people begin their experience with us. With parking and navigation being one of our most important components of a successful Sunday morning, we have an immense need for more to serve here.


We are a Christ abiding community. We believe in the power of prayer and make daily efforts to activate the very power of prayer in our lives. Prayer serves as both an offensive and defensive tool in our dealings with the physical and spiritual realms. Here, you can serve as a prayer warrior on behalf of other church family members, our pastoral staff and core leadership teams, local outreach ministries, global missionaries, and our world’s many nations. Whether it be in our Prayer Room after each service, on the Wall of Prayer, in our Elder Led Prayers (ELP) on Friday nights, or just interceding on behalf of our weekly requests; you can be a catalyst for hope, peace, and healing in our broken world. This is a community that is foundational in our church family; building up spirit-filled agents who not only address prayer to share and receive, but to connect and commune with Christ, listen to His instruction, and adopt His qualities to character and actionable living.

resource center

Perhaps you’re a reader? Or a lover of shopping? You’d be a great fit for our Resource Center. Our Resource Center serves as a market packed with tons of great reads, bible study material, global goods, and more. Here you get to take part in someone’s big moment, whether it be their first bible study purchase or a handwoven scarf purchase as a gift to a loved one; providing them with insight, recommendations, or encouragement. Our market holds cultural treasures from our mission partners all over the globe! At the Resource Center, you can be a funnel of awareness of our global missions efforts and fundraising, as a percentage of our proceeds go to missions.


y o ü t h

We are all natural born worshippers. Many of us have a special talent or skill in vocals, playing musical instruments, or songwriting and composing music. This serve team offers a wonderful opportunity to apply those skills and gifts to our worship sets. Worship allows us all to unify into one sound as we offer reverence to God and shift the atmosphere heavenward. Corporate worship is a major part of our Sunday services and you can play a significant part in that. We embrace diversity and believe our community needs individuals who will step into their uniqueness and live it out boldly for Jesus. No matter your appearance, age, musical style, or skill level; you have something to contribute. 
Y o ü t h is our incredible student ministry that hosts middle and high school students at our Wednesday night services and bi-monthly Sunday Stüdio sessions. Our eclectic leadership team has a firmly-planted passion of seeing the next generations rise in faith and hunger of truth. We serve our y o ü t h through providing a safe space for them to fellowship with other young believers, grow in their understanding and teaching of the word, and work on their personal connections with Christ. We encourage them to seek service of the collective
y o ü t h student body, push past their ideals of comfort, and engage local and global change. Join a bunch that doesn't shy away from the excitement surrounding spreading the message of Christ to others.