Foster Care/Adoption

We actively partner with Wake County Human Services Foster Care to bring hope and change to the lives of children and teens across our local community. Pure religion defined by the Bible includes ministering to orphans. For children and teenagers in foster care, there are two ways for couples to provide a solid home & family environment for them: 1) Foster Parenting and 2) Adoptive Parenting.  Cross Assembly Community Outreach is encouraging and supporting people becoming both; and with the very different processes for becoming foster parents or adopting, we are providing a team focused on each.

Royal Family KIDS Camp

Ministry Leaders: Stephan and Joy Boutin
Email: [email protected]

Royal Family KIDS Camp (RFKC) is a week-long camp providing a life changing experience and positive memories for 40+ Wake County foster children aged seven to eleven years. In 2021, we are hoping that Wake County Human Services will be permitting us to hold RFKC this summer and are planning to hold not one, but two Camps ministering to at least 80 foster children. The camps will be held in July and August in a beautiful wooded NC facility which has air conditioned cabins, a small lake, swimming pool and gym.

This year we will need around 120 plus men and women volunteers to put these amazing camps together. We need counselors who spend the week mentoring two special kids, and staff who support all the activities at camp for the kids and counselors.  Plus, we’ll need prayer partners who pray for the kids and volunteers.


Ministry Leader: Suzanne Lyczkowski
Email: [email protected]

TeenWorks is an all day Saturday event, held 9 to 10 times per year, and provides 40+ teenage RFKC graduates with the building blocks to develop a hope for their future and help put them on a path towards success for the rest of their lives (Jeremiah 29:11). Our goal is to provide teens with activities that teach them various valuable life skills.

We teach the teens about life after high school (careers, colleges, technical schools), provide community service opportunities, and want to help the teens realize that everything they do now is helping to prepare them for their future. We have guest speakers, tour local colleges and universities, and teach ways to give back to our community.

Volunteers are needed to serve on Saturdays, approximately once every five weeks during the school year.

Foster Parenting

Ministry Leaders: David and Marcia Redd
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Cross Assembly’s foster care ministry provides a bridge between Wake County children in foster care and the church. Our goal is to provide foster care training classes on site at the church as well as support services for those who choose to serve the Lord through foster care. Foster care is temporary care for children who have the ultimate goal of returning home to their birth parents or other relatives or the goal of being adopted into a family. Foster parents play a vital role in understanding the needs of the children during these difficult times, and their help, intervention, and nurturing can make all the difference to a child in need. Interested in the blessing of becoming a foster parent? Have questions or want more info? Contact either David or Marcia Redd for further information.

Adoptive Parenting

Ministry Leaders:   Dave & Amanda Stonehouse
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Children available for adoption are often in the foster care system and unable to return to their biological families often because of neglect, abuse or abandonment from their parents or caretakers. These children are typically school age and possibly part of a sibling group. Wake County has a particular need for families willing to consider adopting older children. Adoption is the means of providing a permanent home and family for children who cannot return to their biological family. It provides children with a family that can give them love, care, protection, and opportunities essential for their personal growth and development.